About DreamBirth®

DreamBirth® is a system of short, simple imagery exercises designed specifically for pregnancy and childbirth. DreamBirth® techniques are learned and practiced during pregnancy under the guidance of certified DreamBirth® practitioners. This is a method devised by psychologist and imagery teacher, Dr. Catherine Shainberg, to assist mothers, and their attendants, in finding the true richness and deep power within the birth process.

In the words of Dr. Shainberg,
“Imagery is the oldest language in the world. Pre-verbal, it communicates through pictures—and it is through these pictures that the outside world is reconstructed and displayed in our minds… Since ancient times, mystics and yogis have used images to change body temperature, heart beat, even mend broken bones. Olympic athletes use visualization to win gold medals. By creating specific images in our minds, we talk to our bodies. We can train them to respond to visual cues, enabling us to access our most hidden body functions. DreamBirth®, an imagery process uniquely geared to procreation, pregnancy, and birth gives the future mother access to this power, maximizing her body’s natural abilities to conceive, carry and give birth in perfect health. DreamBirth® optimizes women’s innate ability to give birth easily, naturally and triumphantly.“

DreamBirth® works by allowing us to dream while waking. It opens us to the inner language of our own dreams, a language that existed before words, and that speaks directly to, and of, the body. When we can access the power of the imagination to assist in the birth process, we literally become transformed. This dreaming offers us a way to connect with our babies, our bodies, and our own deepest feelings.

It is fun. It is playful. It is profound.
Be the author of your own dream birth

With DreamBirth® You Can:

  • Learn to see, connect and communicate with your baby throughout your pregnancy
  • Create an easeful and beneficial birth environment for you and your baby
  • Promote optimal fetal positioning
  • Diminish fears
  • Help reduce pain during labor
  • Remain relaxed and open during labor
  • Understand and accelerate the post partum healing process
  • Minimize side effects of medication
  • Create deeper intimacy between you and your partner