All classes are held at 100 Reade Street unless otherwise specified in the schedule. Prices are in each description.

Free Sampler Tuesdays

Come and sample the work. DreamBirth® exercises are truly experiential. No explanation can come close to what the work feels like, and the effects it has. Come try it, we promise you will be amazed. (Call or email to reserve your spot.)

6 Week Childbirth Education Classes

Traditional content intertwined with DreamBirth® exercises that enhance all aspects of pregnancy and labor . Every class includes DreamBirth® exercises which are not only very relaxing, and fun –but are extremely effective in promoting the correct positioning of the baby, reducing pain during labor, connecting with your baby and partner, minimizing effects of medications and much, much more! The work is truly exciting –be prepared to amaze yourself. $350 for the series.

Mothers attend all 6 classes, partners attend first and last only.

Weekend Intensive Childbirth Education

The same as the 6 week class but done in one day! Two four hour segments separated by a lunch hour. Partners may attend all but only first hour and last two hours of class are required. $350 for the weekend.

5 Week DreamBirth® Imagery for Pregnancy and Labor

Perfect for those that are taking a Childbirth Education Class elsewhere, or have taken one for a previous birth. All DreamBirth® exercises needed for pregnancy and labor that are in the ChildBirth Classes are included, but of course there is time for more exercises and for customizing it to those present in the class. $300 for the series.

Private Sessions

For Childbirth and Conception. $125 each session. 

DreamBirth® Imagery for Labor and Pain Management

A crash course to learn DreamBirth® exercises to have a less painful, more satisfying birth. Helpful also as reinforcement for those that have taken our 6 week courses. $250 for course.

4 Week DreamBirth® Imagery for Conception

Wonderful exercises that give women access to the power of procreation and maximizes the woman’s natural abilities to conceive, carry and give birth in perfect health. Very successful without any other fertility work, but also a perfect adjunct to women undergoing fertility treatments. $300 for series.

DreamBirth® Imagery for Doulas and Other Birth Professionals

Call or email for more information.

DreamBirth® Imagery for Cesarian Birth or any Medical Procedure

DreamBirth® Exercises transform the experience for you, your baby and your body.  Women who have used the exercises  to prepare for a needed cesarian often feel calm and positive during the experience and after.  They report  their babies were visibly calm, alert and had no trouble breast feeding, unlike the reported experience of women who did not prepare with DreamBirth® and had a cesarian birth. The healing afterwards is often much faster than expected.  Remember that imagery is the language of the body, the language it understands and the language that forms its reality. It is through imagery that yogis can walk on burning coals and not exhibit any burns on their feet. A different experience is created through the imagery, that is felt and experienced more strongly that the ‘actual’ experience. $150 for course. 

“DreamBirth® is invaluable. My labor progressed very quickly and I am convinced the imagery helped: my baby and body just knew what to do.”
-Judith R


“DreamBirth® made a huge difference in my positive outlook on the delivery and how I actually managed the pain naturally.”
-Emily E

“I found DreamBirth® to be extremely beneficial. I did a number of imagery exercises on a daily basis (all very short), that helped me connect with my baby and visualize a calm, healthy birth.”
-Sharon L.