Mothers Say

“DreamBirth® made a huge difference in my positive outlook on the delivery and how I actually managed the pain naturally.”
-Emily E

“I found DreamBirth® to be extremely beneficial. I did a number of imagery exercises on a daily basis (all very short), that helped me connect with my baby and visualize a calm, healthy birth.”
-Sharon L.

“When I went into labor, I used DreamBirth® to help me through 12 hours of contractions. I refused drugs and was able to have the birth experience I wanted.”
-Janet M

“My baby was born by planned cesarean. He wasn’t afraid or confused like a lot of cesarean babies. He latched on at the first try. I attribute his comfort and ease at being born to the DreamBirth® imagery. It also contributed to my fast recovery.”
- Christina M.

“DreamBirth® is invaluable. My labor progressed very quickly and I am convinced the imagery helped: my baby and body just knew what to do.”
-Judith R.

“My husband and I were quite happy to hear I was 9 cms dilated when I got to the hospital. I had gotten my key out for the garden (one of the DreamBirth® exercises), between some of the contractions, and pictured the people whom I had ever loved and loved me right there in the room cheering me on…
Tonight, driving home from buying groceries I realized I could use all the imagery from my pregnancies for major projects. Why not have everyone I have ever loved in the room with me during a job or grad school interview?”
-Sally M.

“I want to thank you for helping me through yet another unmedicated and successful birth. I felt prepared to deliver each of my babies because you taught me the power of imagery, which unlocked reserves of strength and willpower I did not know I had.”
-Janet M.