In our experience with many pregnant and birthing women, (as doulas , mothers, yoginis, acupuncturists, cranio-sacral therapists, Alexander Technique practitioners), we have seen that birthing is a natural process, that the body knows what to do, and that the most effective path to a natural birth is to get out of it’s way.

Ah! There’s the rub. How does one get out of the way and let the body do what it is so magnificently designed to do? By talking its language. Imagery is the language of the body, the language of experiencing; it is the first language the body understands. As the creator of DreamBirth®, Catherine Shainberg, has put it, “The body doesn’t understand words as well as it does pictures. You can’t tell your heart to beat less quickly, but by imagery you can learn to quieten the heart beats, to lower high blood pressure, to stop premature contractions…”, to get the baby in the right position, to open easily, to diffuse and lessen pain; the list is endless.

The value of imagery is well documented, as is the negative effect of difficult images in the functioning of the body. DreamBirth® covers all aspects of conception, pregnancy, labor, and bonding, and uses images, guided exercises to enhance performance, but also to clear old pictures, old scenarios that block healthy performance. DreamBirth® allows you to construct the birth of your dreams, and along the way discover, clean and transform what gets in the way.

We have also come to see that labor and birthing encompasses a much larger picture than the birth itself. It includes who you are, what your experience has been, what your baby wants and even what you as a person may need to experience to enhance your greater growth. And so, what kind of birth is best for you is known best by you. You are the only one with your body, with your experience, and your inner guidance; and so regardless of whether you are planning a homebirth or a hospital birth, or whether you are intending to use and epidural or not, the addition of DreamBirth® imagery will prove invaluable. It is a tool to awaken the right side of the brain– the creative and intuitive aspect of ourselves. It is a way to birth using the power of imagination to harness both intuition and reason. And it is a way to access your inner knowing.

“I am confident I never would have had the stamina and optimism necessary to get through labor without DreamBirth®”
-Sharon L


“DreamBirth® is invaluable. My labor progressed very quickly and I am convinced the imagery helped: my baby and body just knew what to do.”
-Judith R